One man was bullied and body-shamed and it took the world by storm. A group of women sought to make a difference in that mans life, by flying him to Los Angeles to dance with them. It quickly became clear that the issue of hate-motivated behavior online was a global issue that needed to end. This was about more than one man and a small team of women.

Everyone who saw the initial viral movement felt as if they could relate to the pain the photo expressed. It was quickly realized that there was a unique platform to address adults being bullied and specifically – men being body shamed.


The college graduating class of 2013 was the first to have had Internet every day of their life. Our current teens are the first to have access to smart phones and immediate social connection with their peers – and without parental supervision. The progression of technology has allowed cyber-attacks to make bullying anonymous and instant – without any consideration of consequence or acceptance of responsibility. The results are detrimental, and has brought awareness to the change that so desperately needed to come.


The immediate call to action is bringing awareness to the severity of bullying and body shaming and to address the impact it is having on our culture. Our goal is to encourage people to dance and have comfort in their own skin without the fear of shame.  We intend on addressing the way adults are communicating to and about each other to create better examples for the children we teach. Our dream is a world with a strong infrastructure of acceptance within each other and ourselves. If we can help to inspire a stronger sense of self-worth, we can all dance with a little more joy in our step, and will do so by partnering with established non-profit organizations that are in alignment with our vision.